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President Mnangagwa deplores vandalism of electricity infrastructure

Story by Josephine Mugiyo, Diplomatic Correspondent

PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa says the criminal justice system should work together with the public to end the rampant vandalism of electricity infrastructure.

While strides are being made to capacitate the country’s energy sector, vandalism of infrastructure is adversely affecting the provision of power and the International Renewable Energy Conference held in Victoria Falls this Thursday was an opportunity for President to address the issue.

“As President and patron of this conference and expo, I remain gravely concerned with the continued vandalism and theft of our country’s energy sector. Stakeholders in the criminal justice system, together with communities throughout the country are urged to collaborate more closely towards ending such criminal and treasonous acts,” he said.

With the focus now on renewable sources of energy to augment power supply, President Mnangagwa reiterated the need for innovation hubs to come up with clean energy technologies.

“Innovation research and development specifically at the innovation hubs and industrial parks within institutions of higher learning have to facilitate our talented young boys and girls to invent groundbreaking clean energy technologies,” said the President.

“This must include exploring the development of hybrid models which allow the harnessing of both wind and solar energy for diversified electricity generation. Meanwhile, I am pleased that the results of research at selected sites to harness wind energy.”

Focusing on reducing greenhouse gas emissions, President Mnangagwa said this remains a collective responsibility.

“As a member of the conference of parties, our policies continue to support the overall aims and objectives of this community. It is therefore pertinent that the deliberations at this conference reflect on the trends and patterns in the sector, particularly the need for a just transition and an increase in internal green energy power generation capacity.”

The International Renewable Energy Conference and Expo, which was organised by the Ministry of Energy and Power Development in conjunction with a local media house, brought together players in the energy sector.

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