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Villagers brace for Tropical Storm Freddy

Story by Kenias Chivuzhe

THE people of Manicaland Province are on high alert for Tropical Cyclone Freddy, which is expected to affect some parts of the country from this Friday.

There is anxiety in Chipinge and Chimanimani districts of Manicaland Province, one of the provinces expected to receive more rains from this Friday as Cyclone Freddy makes landfall in Mozambique and Zimbabwe.

A villager said, ‘‘We have heard about the impending tropical storm. We are ready to take instructions from authorities and the local radio stations when the situations require movement.’’

Another villager noted, ‘‘We are aware about the catastrophe that might befall us as a result of the coming cyclone. We want to thank the government for establishing community radio stations in our districts.’’

Munashe a villager said, ‘‘We don’t have any way to prepare than going to higher places when the situation gets out of hand. We are prepared to go to an evacuation centre.’’

The government through the Civil Protection Department is satisfied with the level of preparedness.

Deputy Director in the Ministry of Local Government and Public Works Mr John Misi noted, ‘‘As Manicaland province, we have adequately prepared for the tropical storm Freddy taking advantage of our experience from Cyclone Idai. Our evacuation centres are ready to accommodate people when the need arises. In Chimanimani and Chipinge we have dedicated evacuation centres with the situation being made more easier by the directive that schools will be closed. This has increased the number of temporary evacuation centres. Food and blankets have also been distributed to the centres. We urge the people especially in Chimanimani and Chipinge to listen to the directives of the civil protection unit as well as local community radios. All people should not resist going to evacuation centres when directed to do so.’’

Tropical Storm Freddy has also far affected Madagascar killing at least five people, and destroying property and buildings in the process.

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