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Shurugwi South constituency comes together through sport

Story by Tafara Chikumira, Midlands Bureau Chief

The Dorset community in Shurugwi South constituency was treated to an assortment of entertainment as various social clubs battled for honours in a community engagement initiative spearheaded by the legislator of the area.

The event drew the attention of hundreds of villagers and lived to its billing as various participants took turns to exhibit their sporting skills in a friendly environment.

“I am very grateful for the initiative bearing spearheaded by our honourable. This sporting event is keeping us occupied. We are also getting physically fit through the sporting event. We are also getting a chance to showcase our talent,” a participant told the ZBC News.

Another said, “We have been given a chance to get the necessary occupation. This keeps us out of dangers such as drug and alcohol abuse. We also need to enjoy the benefits being enjoyed by some of our peers and I am grateful that our legislator has made it possible.”

“As a parent, I want to thank the honourable member for giving this community a chance at getting together through sport. This means we get to know each other better as a community. It also helps in reducing unwanted pregnancies and drug and alcohol abuses among other ills in society,” another said.

Shurugwi South legislator, Honourable Edmond Mukaratigwa, who also took part in the sporting activities alongside some local ZANU PF leaders, says he is looking forward to transforming the community for better through sport among other developmental programmes.

“Today, we are here in the periphery of the constituency. The catch here is to leave no one and no place behind as we follow the footsteps of our leader. The teams will eventually group at the Centre for finals. These games are meant to expose untapped talent in such rural communities. At the finals, we are going to invite some big teams to come and scout for such talent. We hope a number of clubs will snatch some of the talented youngsters who might have given up on hope,” he explained.

Several rural communities are endowed with untapped talent which lacks the necessary exposure and such sporting activities are seen as a step in the right direction towards the improvement of sport in the country.

Various social clubs walked away with prizes and sporting kits in recognition of their efforts.

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