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Returnees praise Second Republic’s inclusive developmental agenda

Story by Wellington Makonese

Former opposition party stalwarts who have defected to the ruling party ZANU PF have attributed their moves to the development stance adopted under the second republic and ideological deficiencies in the opposition ranks.

This comes as the great trek to the ruling ZANU PF party by opposition members continues, a scenario attributed to cracks in the redressed alternative outfits.

The thousands of returnees from all 10 provinces led by former opposition legislator Blessing Chebundo noted that retracing their roots to the party is a natural decision.

“Our decision to come here is evidence of our commitment to the party, we have seen a lot that is being done by the President,” he said.

The late opposition icon Morgan Tsvangirai’s family, together with former MDC legislator Tongai Matutu expressed confidence in the new-found home.

“My late brother died at a time he was engaging and working with the ruling party, so we had to think of it and draw the conclusion that we have to be home,” said Collins, the late opposition leader’s brother.

Matutu noted, “We have been in the trenches for so long in the opposition we realised that our mandate was gone in 10 years, so there is no point in opposing just for the sake of it. We move to where development stands.”

Not to be left out were the youths, including former outspoken ZINASU spokesperson, Tatenda Mandondo.

“Three things drove my decision – personal growth, the ideology of the party and the fact that out there is no platform for growth. I see development coming through ZANU PF,” he noted.

Some of the notable figures to have joined the ruling party over the years are former senior MDC Alliance official Lilian Timveous, former MDC member and Hwange Mayor Peter Phiri, MDC founding Secretary for local government Joubert Mudzumwe and former Zengeza legislator, Simon Chidhakwa.

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