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Thursday, March 23, 2023

If WWIII breaks out, it won’t start on tanks or fighter jets, warns Medvedev

Russian Security Council Deputy Chairman has lambasted Western attempts to justify arms deliveries to Kiev as an alleged effort to prevent a world war

“Firstly, defending Ukraine, which nobody needs in Europe, will not save the senile Old World from retribution if anything occurs. Secondly, once the Third World War breaks out, unfortunately it will not be on tanks or even on fighter jets. Then everything will definitely be turned to dust,” Medvedev wrote on his Telegram channel on Saturday.

In this post, Medvedev commented, in particular, on Italian Defense Minister Guido Crosetto’s remarks that the Third World War would erupt if Russian tanks reached Kiev and “the borders of Europe”, and that the weapons sent to Ukraine were meant to stop the escalation.

Medvedev equated his remarks to the calls from the United Kingdom to provide Kiev with all the weapons NATO has.


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