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Palestinian embassy in Harare condemns Israeli attack

The Embassy of the state of Palestine in Harare has condemned the killing of at least nine Palestinians by Israeli forces during a recent invasion of the city of Jenin, northern occupied West Bank.

Dozens of others were injured during the attack.

In a statement, the embassy blamed the Israeli forces for preventing ambulances from reaching the wounded by shooting at medical personnel and firing tear gas bombs towards the paediatric section of Jenin Government Hospital, causing suffocation cases from gas inhalation among Palestinians, including mothers and children.

“The latest crime is a continuity of lsrael’s ongoing aggression on the Palestinian people as well as an act of war that should not be tolerated. These Extra-judicial killings are the consequence of the regular resort to lethal force by well-armed and well-protected Israeli apartheid security personnel against Palestinians and total lack of accountability for killings of Palestinians by Israeli apartheid forces,” the statement said.

The embassy said it holds the Israeli government responsible for the crimes and expressed disappointment with the international community’s failure to act against the Israeli violations against Palestinians.

“We, therefore, call on the progressive peoples, governments and human rights organizations to condemn and hold Apartheid Israel accountable for these heinous crimes and protect our people,” said the embassy, calling for a probe by the International Criminal Court and the UN Security Council to stop the policy of double standards in dealing with international conflict.

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