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Avuxeni FM bridges information gap

Story by Gay Matambo

One of the community radio stations established this year, Avuxeni FM has made an instant impact by promoting sustainable rural development in Chiredzi District.

Before the establishment of Avuxeni community radio station in February this year, most parts of Chiredzi District, including Chikombedzi, Boli and Malipati were completely detached from the country’s broadcasting services, relying on radio services from South Africa and Mozambique.

This saw government facilitating the establishment of Avuxeni FM, a community radio station which is broadcasting mainly in Shangani language, testimony of the Second Republic’s inclusive development drive.

“It’s exciting to have our own radio station. Avuxeni FM is our radio station it represents us the VaTsonga people. You see many people do not understand us but the radio station has managed to unite us as a district,” a member of the community told the ZBC News.

Another said, “We take pride in the fact that we now have a radio station which centres on the people of Chiredzi, in terms of development and other important issues that we need to know as a community.”

“Not only do we enjoy the Shangani songs and stories and programmes which are broadcast by Avuxeni FM, but we are happy that government made us their first priority by launching our radio station first. We now know what’s happening around us because in some areas where we come from, we used to rely on radio stations from South Africa but now we are happy,” another community member said.

The local leadership is also excited about the project as summed up by Chief Tshovani who noted the impact of the radio station in bridging the information gap.

“The radio station has turned out to be our mouthpiece which we are also using to air out our views to the government. We are happy because our government honoured us the Shangani people. Our communities are developing because they are updated with important information that improves their lives through the radio station,” he said.

Avuxeni FM became the first community radio station to go on air in Zimbabwe among 14 others that were licensed by government.

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