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Youths support universal health coverage drive

Story by Abigirl Tembo, Health Editor

YOUTHS are playing an active role in improving the country’s health sector with the recently launched Vision 2030 Movement coming up with a village health post model meant to improve access to healthcare services across the country.

With government having set a target to construct 6 600 health posts by the year 2030, the Vision 2030 Movement has come up with a pre-fabricated village clinic.

If adopted, the model is expected to reduce the distance to health care services in rural areas.

“During times of natural disasters like when the COVID-19 pandemic struck, a lot of people struggled to get health care services so with these health posts we want to ensure clinics are closer to the people. This is low cost and cheaper to set up and can last up to 40 years so it can be used as a solution and shorten the distance people in rural areas travel to seek medication,” said Mr Paul Mavima, Chairperson – Vision 2030 Movement 

A tour of the facility left the Deputy Minister of Health and Cild Care Dr John Mangwiro convinced that it is a step in the right direction.

“This building here is prefabricated. I looked at it and found out that the durability is credible. The speed at which they can assemble these prefabricated village health centres is so fast that in 3 to 4 days they will be done. As government, we are aiming to have village health centres like this. More than 6 000 so the company is saying they can have more of these and this will help us achieve our target very fast of having village health centres in every village,” he said.

Under the national vision of an upper middle income society by 2030, government is working round the clock to take healthcare services closer to the people.

This has seen a number of clinics being constructed around the country using devolution funds from central government.

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