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2022 social scene, the year that saw it all

Story by Memory Chamisa

2022 was a memorable year after the goings on in society set tongues wagging.

Our reporter Memory Chamisa takes us through some of the moments that set social media alight.

Early January to December, 2022 was never short of drama and shenanigans as Zimbabweans made sure the social scene was lit.

The first quarter of the year ushered the manjuzu/mermaid spirits and Bute /snuff craze that attracted even the younger generation, raising eyebrows on the authenticity of the practice.

Yes, Zimbabwe’s heritage is stemmed from the various cultural and traditional beliefs, but the whirlwind of this actualisation was a little bit over the top.

As if that was not enough, the popular Ximex Mall where Harare’s hustlers also known as Mbinga hang out, dished out the zvigumwe/toes mystery.

For those who missed it, this one set tongues wagging, as it was alleged people were selling their toes in exchange for the popular GD6 vehicle or better still loads of cash.

This left many baffled to the extent of attracting the attention of the government which launched an investigation.

When we thought the year was coming to an end, BOOM – a Chitungwiza granny gave us a shocker, staying with her husband’s corpse for five whole days while her son was hiding in the ceiling.

Various versions of the story were told and theories formulated, not forgetting the jaw breaking memes and jokes.

In capping off the dramatic year, popular music producer, Levels and former girlfriend Shashl dished out the drama of the year after invading peoples’ inboxes for the wrong reasons.

Not forgetting the court battles that followed.

Oh yes, 2022 was a year and a half and like what most people say, Kanyika aka kanonakidza, this country is full of fun, we gladly look forward to 2023.

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