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Russia presents proof Ukraine, US worked with bioweapons components – top brass

THE Russian Defense Ministry held a briefing in Geneva on the sidelines of the 9th Review Conference of the Biological Weapons Convention where it presented evidence that Ukraine, with US support, has been working with biological weapons components, Chief of Russia’s Radiation, Chemical and Biological Protection Force Igor Kirillov said on Saturday.

“Documented proof was presented that work with the components of biological weapons and research of agents of particularly dangerous and economically significant infections were conducted on Ukrainian soil with the US’ financial, scientific and technical and human resources,” he said.

According to the military official, video materials were presented with the position of experts from Russia and other countries and testimonies of eyewitnesses and participants of the programs of the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) of the US Department of Defense. “One of them was a former employee of the US Army Institute of Research […] who once again confirmed the fact of work with dangerous pathogens in Ukrainian biolabs financed by the Pentagon,” he noted.

Kirillov stressed that Russia’s presentation made many countries think about the risks of interaction with Washington in the military-biological sphere. They also took a fresh look at the necessity and expediency of such cooperation.

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