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Power supply improves- ZESA

Story by ZBC Reporter

Power utility, ZESA says electricity supply has increased in the country, resulting in the easing of load shedding.

This development follows weeks of depressed generation after the country had exhausted its water allocation for power generation at its Kariba Hydro Power station.

However, water flow has since improved in Lake Kariba, while ZESA has confirmed in a statement that breakdowns at Hwange Power Station have since been attended to.

“Moreover, the incessant breakdown of the aged Hwange Power Station equipment saw the station operating with two units during the period. Our Engineers and Technicians have been working frantically to ensure increased power generation. Consequently, we have increased generation at the Hwange Power Station by getting the broken down Units back up, resulting in Five (5) of the Six (6) being currently operational which has increased supply to the national grid. This will help ease the demand supply gap during the festive break as we also anticipate reduced demand from the business sector during the period,” the ZESA statement reads

ZESA further advised that local power generation would be augmented by imports from the Southern African Power Pool (SAPP) members until the Kariba reservoir fully recovers in the first quarter of next year.

“We have successfully managed to secure the injection of additional imports from other SAPP members to support supply until the Kariba reservoir recovers in the first quarter of next year,” adds the statement.
An update was also given in relation to the Hwange Seven (7) and eight (8) units which are set to bring an additional 600MW to the national grid.

“Hwange 7& 8 was scheduled to be completed by January 2022, however, the effects of Covid -19 derailed the completion. Our valued stakeholders are advised that Hwange 7 & 8 commissioning preparations are well on course. To date, it is pleasing to see that the technical tests are progressing well and the Utility expects the first additional 300 Megawatts from Unit 7 soon. Unit 8 is progressing well and is planned to be commissioned during the first quarter of next year.”

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