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Iranian foreign ministry condemns Zelensky’s ‘rude remarks’ during US visit

Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Nasser Kanaani condemned Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky’s “rude remarks” with regard to the Islamic Republic, made during his address to the US Congress.

According to the statement, Kanaani “condemned the Ukrainian president’s repeated accusations and rude remarks against the Islamic Republic of Iran at the US Congress.”

“He once again stressed that the Islamic Republic of Iran has not supplied any military hardware to any side for use in Ukraine,” the statement says.

“Iran has always respected the territorial integrity of all countries including Ukraine,” the ministry said. “Mr. Zelensky had better know that Iran’s strategic patience over such unfounded accusations is not endless.”

“Kanaani also advised the Ukrainian president to draw a lesson from the fate of some other political leaders who contented themselves with the US support,” it said.

On December 21, Zelensky spent several hours in Washington at Biden’s invitation. He met with the US president and the leadership of the US Congress and delivered a speech there. Ahead of Zelensky’s visit the US announced a new military aid package totaling $1.85 billion. For the first time, it included a battery of the Patriot air defense system (the truck-mounted launcher, radar and control station).

In August, the Washington Post published a report alleging that Iran has been sending drones to Russia. The report was later followed by similar claims by the US administration. Moscow and Tehran have repeatedly rejected allegations of Russia’s use of Iranian drones in Ukraine Russian Presidential Spokesman Dmitry Peskov deemed such reports as bogus stories and assured that the Russian Army used Russian-made drones.


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