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No room for division, hatred and conflict: President

Story by Josephine Mugiyo, Diplomatic Correspondent

AS the nation commemorates Unity Day, President Emmerson Mnangagwa says there is no room for divisions, hatred and conflict among Zimbabweans.

The signing of the Unity Accord in 1987 was a landmark event and 35 years later, Zimbabwe continues to recognise the momentus occasion, which shaped the political, social and economic landscape of the country.

In his Unity Day message, President Emmerson Mnangagwa reflected on the importance of the Unity Accord and reminded citizens that Zimbabwe is a unitary state.

“Through the historic show of leadership and vision by our founding fathers, our nation escaped the baneful cycle of lost independence conflict. We take pride in the fact that the agreement was homegrown with our two liberation movements, namely the Zimbabwe African National Union, ZANU and the Zimbabwe African Peoples Union, ZAPU, putting aside their differences for the greater national good. Let us always remain mindful that we are a unitary state, with many languages, tribes and cultures, united under one national flag and national anthem. There is no room for division, hatred or conflicts,” said the President.

In unity, the country must endeavour for economic development.

“In our diversity is our collective strength and resources to resolve questions and challenges of the day. Together we must equally tap into the vast opportunities that are presenting themselves across all sectors of the economy. Today, we, therefore, celebrate our diversity and take pride in our unity as one people,” he said.

The Second Republic has rolled out a number of projects earmarked to benefit Zimbabweans in every corner and Cde Mnangagwa said they must be understood in the context of the collective national effort.

“The construction of dams, energy, health and education infrastructure is ultimately for the benefit of all Zimbabweans. This is the national character trait and unity which must be entrenched as we concertedly develop, modernise and industrialise our country for a higher quality of life for all people,” highlighted the President.

As the year 2022 winds down, 2023 beckons and Zimbabweans head to the polls in this coming year.

“We need lasting unity and durable peace in our country. Elections should never be an excuse or pretext for political conflict, disturbances hate speech or disharmony. Unity, patriotism, loyalty and love for our great motherland, Zimbabwe should always be our guiding beacon; no matter the season of times,” he emphasised.

Unity will remain key for Zimbabwe as the country works to grow the economy, with the President highlighting that under the Second Republic, peace, stability, freedom and development are guaranteed.

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