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Monday, June 5, 2023

Parliamentary Youth Caucus launched

Story by Memory Chamisa

The involvement of youths in various spheres of the country’s economy remains critical for meaningful development to be achieved.

This came out at the launch of the Parliamentary Youth Caucus in Harare this Monday.

The first-ever Parliamentary Youth Caucus was launched as the younger generation continues to take up space both in the political and economic spheres.

Guest Speaker, who is also the Speaker of The National Assembly, Advocate Jacob Mudenda highlighted the need for youths to remain focused as they embrace the caucus with a conviction to be transformative leaders.

“The struggle for independence was championed by youths as they carried the mantle for the liberation struggle. This caucus is going to serve as a platform for self-actualisation and determination for those active both in politics and other spheres of the space.

“Exemplary leaders are cut off from youth and it’s the youths that set precedence and influence their peers, therefore, discipline is a must,” he said.

Chairperson of the Parliamentary Youth Caucus, Honourable Dr. Tatenda Mavetera revealed the main objective of the caucus as it comes at a time children’s rights are being violated.

“The caucus comes as we are faced with drug and substance abuse among the youth, unemployment and cases of children being raped and giving birth as young as eight years old. The caucus saw young members of Parliament, civic organizations and legal experts coming together in formulating the constitution and debating it in Parliament until today when we are launching. Hopefully, the caucus will serve the interests of all the youths,” she said.

Speaking in solidarity with the caucus, Zimbabwe Youth Council director, Mr. Brian Nyagwande and Plan International Project Coordinator, Ms. Tendai Kurehwatira applauded the formulation of the caucus and proposed the expedition of efforts to ensure the Youth Bill becomes an Act.

“We congratulate our Honourables for this achievement and it comes at a time the youths are seized with the fight against drug and substance abuse. Yes, we acknowledge the work and strategies being implemented, but the youth bill also has to be made into an act before the interim caucus is removed,” she said.

“We have been involved with a number of youths on various programmes and projects being implemented across the country’s provinces and now with the launch of the caucus, it means more involvement and works on the cards. The issues of child sexual exploitation continue to be a cause for concern which needs concerted efforts,” she added.

It was noted during the launch that Zimbabwe needs to harness youth participation in all national activities as the group has more energy, enthusiasm, innovation and dynamism to transform the country.

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