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Dormant manufacturing industry sub sector comes back to life


Story by Owen Mandovha

THE implementation of the Industrial Development Policy by government has witnessed the recovery and growth of various sub sectors as evidenced by increased local product availability and a cut in imports of manufactured goods.

Several industry sub-sectors nearly became dormant over the last two decades and many of them have come back to life following the implementation of a robust Industrial Development Policy being spearheaded by the Second Republic.

The Minister of Industry and Commerce, Dr Sekai Nzenza said it was a case of going back to the drawing board and now results are impressive including the resuscitation of Chemplex, a subsidiary of the Industrial Development Corporation( IDC).

“We needed to see exactly where we stand as a country in terms of the state of our industry. Research and development was going to be key in retooling the industry. Chemplex is a case in point whereby it is now producing products which are now helping farmers to treat diseases such as the tick grease,” she said.

The Ministry of Industry and Commerce also noted that the implementation of the industrial development policy is sustaining other sub sectors of the economy.

“The City of Harare is now getting its water treatment chemicals locally and have now cut on imports because we have strengthened the value chain in water treatment chemicals production,” added Minister Nzenza.

In the same vein, manufacturing capacity utilisation has rebounded to over 66 percent from just 47 percent in 2019, while other sub sectors such as pharmaceuticals, sugar, food and beverages also recorded impressive performances over the last three and half years.