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President Mnangagwa challenges war collaborators to upscale mobilisation initiatives

Story by Kenias Chivuzhe

President Emmerson Mnangagwa has challenged war collaborators to remain resolute in defence of the party as the country gears up its mobilisation drive ahead of next year’s general elections.

The President paid tribute to the sacrifices made by war collaborators during the liberation struggle and after independence, challenging them to remain resolute ahead of the country’s next elections.

In a speech read on his behalf by Vice President General (Retired) Dr Constantino Chiwenga during the War Collaborators National Conference held in Nyanga this Saturday, President Mnangagwa implored collaborators to scale up their mobilisation drive to ensure a resounding victory for the party.

“I am proud to say that this category of veterans of the liberation struggle. War collaborators, despite the seeming delay in being legislatively recognised, they have remained resolute in defending their country against the perpetual onslaught by Western countries. Several attempts to usurp the political power of a constitutionally elected government have been made by the Western puppets, but war collaborators have stood firmly with the revolutionary party ZANU PF and the government.

“I am fully aware of the campaigning that you as an association have undertaken throughout the country such as ZILIWACO for ED and mass mobilisation for the 2023 harmonised elections. Much as I appreciate that, I again challenge and urge you, ZILIWACO, to remain united and resolute in defence of our revolution and our party, ZANU PF. Go out in full force to campaign and defend our hard-won independence with all the resoluteness it demands. I have received your requests for resources as we move a gear up in campaigning for the upcoming elections. Due consideration will be given to the requests and you shall be informed in due course,” said the President.

President Mnangagwa commented on the issue of bonafide war collaborators who were disqualified during the vetting process.

He said, “I am aware that several issues emanated from the vetting exercise, that include the disqualification of other bonafide war collaborators due to a provisional section in the Veterans of the Liberation Act and were made to make appeals. These have been brought to my attention. I am also aware that those who successfully passed the vetting process are looking forward to receiving what is due to them in accordance with the Veterans of the Liberation Act. My government is working on all those issues so that all issues pertaining to this category of veterans of the liberation struggle are constitutionally completed. The level of patriotism and political astuteness of war collaborators has to be rewarded.”

The Second Republic led by president Mnangagwa is credited for rolling into motion the vetting exercise of war collaborators.

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