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Apostolic churches add voice to anti-early child marriage campaign

Story by Patience Nyagato

Churches continue to add their voice in the fight against early child marriages and drug abuse calling on society to shun the vice.

Apostolic churches in Harare have joined in the fight against early child marriages calling it a violation of human rights.

Youth president of the Zviratidzo Zvevapositori Church, Mr Elijah Tekere said, “Our laws in relation to early child marriages are clear that any child below the age of 18 cannot be married, though it is still happening in the society. As an apostolic church, we are trying to divert from that culture. It is high time we are viewed as modern people and see girls as human beings with a brighter future beyond marriage.”

Misheck Mugomba, father advisor of Zviratidzo Zvevapositori Church said, “We are an apostolic church which values children, especially the girl child. We value the rights of the girl child and we encourage them to become educated not for them to be married off at a young age.”

Zviratidzo Zvavapostori Church St Thomas leader, Bishop Lazarus Nyamombe, who was part of a Harare Province Anti Early Child Marriages March organised by the apostolic sects, expressed their commitment to fighting the scourge calling other apostolic churches to also join in the cause.

“To all churches which still support early child marriages like we heard of that 8-year-old girl. It’s so disheartening all apostolic churches who still do should stop the practice,” he said.

Early child marriages are associated with several complications on the minors such as obstetric fistula, and even death.

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