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Macadamia nuts out-grower scheme rolled out in Chipinge

Story by Tamuka Charakupa

THE production of macadamia nuts in Chipinge is earmarked to grow significantly after a massive out-grower scheme was rolled out for smallholder farmers across the district.

At least 100 households from Mabeure Village have benefited from a macadamia nuts empowerment project being implemented by a local non-governmental organisation.

Beneficiaries have pinned their hopes on the project not only as a source of income, but also a sustainable development tool.

“We welcome the introduction of macadamia nuts farming in our community because they are a cash plant and very soon, a source of firewood. We are happy that this project has set in motion several more to come. Macadamia nuts are a lucrative business, so we are looking forward to broadening our sources of income. The project will make us one of the top producers of the nuts in the country because this crop used to be grown by commercial farmers only,” a beneficiary told ZBC News.

Jekesa Pfungwa Chipinge District officer, Mrs Charity Mutumwa and Agritex officer, Mr Joe Muzamana view the development as a mitigation measure against climate change.

“Our ultimate goal is to ensure that we empower this community sustainably and at the same heeding the call by government to ensure we plant trees,” said Mrs Mutumwa.

“As Agritex, we are preaching the gospel of farming as a business. So we welcome this diversification by our farmers not to rely only on regular crops like maize,” said Mr Muzamana.

The project is also being rolled out in the neighbouring Chimanimani district with an additional 100 households set to benefit before the end of the year.

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