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Diplomats pledge to deepen bilateral relations with Zimbabwe

Story by Bruce Chahwanda, Political Editor

PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa has received letters of credence from three envoys who expressed their desire to deepen bilateral relations between Zimbabwe and their countries in various sectors of the economy.

The three envoys that presented their credentials to President Emmerson Mnangagwa are from Spain, Tanzania and Finland.

The first to present her letters of credence was Spanish Ambassador to Zimbabwe, Her Excellency Natividad Isabel Pena-Bonilla, who highlighted the existing excellent bilateral relations with Zimbabwe and noted the need to promote smart agriculture.

“This is going to be an exciting tenure, where we will continue with the engagement and re-engagement agenda. We have a lot in common with Zimbabwe and relations have been excellent. We have to cooperate in mitigating climate change, promoting smart agriculture, tourism among other areas,” she said.

The second to present his credentials was Tanzania’s top envoy to Zimbabwe, Ambassador Simon Nyakoro Sirro who said his mandate is to deepen bilateral relations in economics, culture and politics between the two countries.

“My mandate is to strengthen the relationship with Zimbabwe and, mind you the relations were cemented during the liberation struggle. We want to deepen cooperation in economics, culture and politics as well as making sure we take Zimbabwean businesses to Tanzania and vice versa.”

The Finish Ambassador to Zimbabwe, Ambassador Saana Halinen was the last to present her credentials and emphasised the need to cooperate in climate change mitigation as well in science and technology.

“Finland and Zimbabwe share cordial relations from way back, we worked on forestry education we currently have Finish NGOs working in Zimbabwe on climate change adaptation, food security, entrepreneurial skills, HIV and AIDS. There are a lot of things we can work together and the President raised issues to do with science and technology which we will collaborate going forward,” she said.

The three envoys are upbeat about their new assignments and the reception they got from Zimbabwe which is in line with government’s engagement and re-engagement thrust.

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