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Govt workers implored to embrace Second Republic’s transformational agenda

Story by Mercy Bofu

Civil servants have been challenged to be part of the Second Republic’s transformational agenda and contribute to the attainment of an upper-middle-income society by 2030.

A Public Service Secretaries Day was held in Masvingo this Tuesday where Public Service Commission Head – Support Services, Mrs Ferida Matambo singled out Executive Assistants and Secretaries as vital elements in government operations hence the need for them to be part of the Second Republic’s transformation agenda.

“As Executive Assistants and Secretaries, being the front, the faces and the pulse of the offices where you are placed, you are vital elements in the smooth flow of business and achievement of necessary milestones by these offices. Therefore, to achieve the envisaged success, you should be alive to the broader goals and commit to the set goals and targets, in order to ensure that they are effectively and timeously fulfilled,” she said.

Mrs Matambo also encouraged Executive Assistants and Secretaries to have institutional memory, which is critical for continuity.

“Many of you, by virtue of being in your positions for a long time, or by mere virtue of having daily access to critical files, have what we call institutional memory. Institutional memory is that which documents or holds the continuity of an entity. It is that which makes today and tomorrow’s event more meaningful because of knowledge of what happened yesterday, or yesteryears.”

The event was also an opportunity to honour employees with long service awards.

Secretaries’ Day is an international day that was set aside in the 1950s to recognise the significance and value of executive assistants in organisations.

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