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Chiefs launch Upfumi Imombe Rural Entrepreneurship programme

Story by Jerold Sasa

TRADITIONAL leaders in Mashonaland East Province are taking a proactive approach in restocking the provincial herd, which was affected by tick-borne diseases over the past five years.

With the provincial herd having been affected by tick-borne diseases over five years, the Mashonaland East Provincial Chiefs Council has moved in to launch the Upfumi Imombe Rural Entrepreneurship programme to restock the cattle herd.

The programme which will see each traditional leader receiving a heifer is set to benefit various communities.

“We want to make sure our chiefs benefit from this programme which should eventually benefit their communities,” said Chief Nechombo the chairperson of Mashonaland East Provincial Chiefs Council.

“As custodians of communities this is a welcome development which will boost our productivity,” said Chief Chikwaka a traditional leader.

The government has since welcomed the community-led initiative in restocking the national herd.

“We are happy as a province that chiefs have launched this program which will go a long way in rebuilding our herd,” said Senator Aplonia Munzverengwi, Mashonaland East Minister of State for Provincial Affairs and Devolution.

Mashonaland East is one of the provinces worst affected by Theileirosis, popularly known as January disease which killed tens of thousands of cattle countrywide.

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