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Zimbabwe to tap into Egypt’s agricultural expertise

By Abigirl Tembo, Health Editor

ZIMBABWE is  working  with   Egypt to reactivate Memoranda  of  Understanding  covering   critical  economic  areas  of  development including unlocking  opportunities  in  agriculture.

 Discussions  to  revisit  the  existing  memorandum  of understanding  between  Egypt  and  Zimbabwe  were  started  at the  just  concluded  Nutrition  Summit  In Cote d’Ivoire.

Egypt’s Minister of  Agriculture and Land Reclamation  Mr Elsayed Elkosayer,  who  met  with  his  Zimbabwe counterpart  Dr  Anxious  Masuka  on  the  sidelines  of the  summit ,  said  his  country  will  be  reactivating  existing  instruments  while  also  looking  at new areas of  cooperation in  agriculture.

“I am very happy to have met with the Honourable Mnister from Zimbabwe.  Egypt is very determined to cooperate with our brotherly and sisterly African countries. We discussed with the Honourable minister how we could promote fisheries in Zimbabwe, revamping orrigation systems, capacity building also, coordination also in agriculture research and applied research in the field of agriculture and also explore means of how to corporate to implement the decisions taken at the COP 27 in relation to agriculture. We agreed to reactivate MOUs that were signed between both countries long ago so that we update them and sign new memoranda of understanding to boost our cooperation in the field of agriculture,” he said.

Zimbabwe is optimistic of deriving value from Egypt’s expertise in the fields of fisheries and Irrigation.

“The context is that Zimbabwe and Egypt are rebuilding and re-establishing very strong mutually beneficial relationships led by the two presidents and we reviewed COP 27 the recent outcomes and the loss and damage fund that was put in place. We also looked at agriculture now being considered as a separate and discussable item on subsequent missions, this is great because the small holder farmers are the most affected by climate change and they have the least capacity to respond and they have not caused a problem.

“We also then looked at the MOU that was consummated a long time ago so we agreed to resuscitate this and we also discussed certain areas of corporation among them the supporting for the Presidential community fisheries programmes. We also looked at their Irrigation efficiencies and in that vein we said under the accelerated Irrigation development programme we would like their technology and assistance in training and research and development to be able to bring the additional area that we want Irrigation,” said Hon Masuka.

Egypt’s economy relies heavily on agriculture, making it the third largest economic sector employing almost half of the country’s population.

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