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Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Zimbabwean visual artist shines in the USA

Story by Colette Musanyera

Zimbabwean artists living abroad continue to prove their mettle in different fields, with a visual artist, Solomon Mahlatini making a name in the United States of America after he was invited to the Africa World Art Gallery exhibition set for December 16.

The multidisciplinary visual artist, who draws his inspiration from the Shona culture, is set to exhibit a collection of paintings that speak on living in the diaspora and the need to assimilate the new culture, while still upholding traditional values.

“I draw a lot of inspiration from the Shona culture and I am super excited to be associated with the Africa World Art Gallery. I feel very humbled to be the first Zimbabwean to be represented by the gallery and I am also, the second African being represented by the gallery.

“I feel art is an important way of conveying messages and even those abused can express themselves through art,” said Mahlatini.

Mahlatini, who ventured into commercial painting at the age of 12, has also showcased and sold his art pieces at several art fairs and private exhibitions in the USA.

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