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POLAD principals tour Chimoio memorial site

Story by Bruce Chahwanda,Political Editor

MEMBERS of the Political Actors Dialogue (POLAD), who visited the Chimoio memorial site in Mozambique recently are convinced that national interests must come first as the country prepares for 2023 harmonised elections.

The visit was part of commemorations to mark the 45th anniversary of the Chimoio massacre of 1977 when the Rhodesian security forces attacked Zimbabwean freedom fighters and innocent refugees.

POLAD Rapporteur, Mr Kwanele Hlabangana says the visit was an eye opener on the trials and tribulations that liberation fighters went through, adding that Zimbabweans must guard the Country’s hard-won independence jealously.

“The experience of such a sacrifice by our brothers and sisters fosters a great unity among political leaders and as such Zimbabweans are one. The principals had an opportunity to appreciate the status of the monument and will soon craft recommendations to improve the facility,” he said.

Other POLAD members urged Zimbabweans to remain united and promote peace for the good of the country ahead of the 2023 harmonised elections.

“We have appreciated what took place here because of selling out, hope this visit will enlighten our colleagues that we must remain peaceful especially ahead of next year’s general elections,” said Mr Kizito Kuchekwa.

“We are here to revive our understanding of the liberation struggle and this must guide us going forward for us to be where we are there are sons and daughters who fought for it and this must lead in our political decisions,” said Lucia Matibenga.

Zimbabwe got its independence after a protracted war of liberation, which claimed thousands of lives.

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