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Chitungwiza woman slapped with a jail term for marrying two husbands

 Story by Fungai Jachi

A 29-year-old woman from Chitungwiza has been convicted and slapped with a six-month jail term for bigamy after getting married to two husbands.

Thelma Guvakumwe was convicted after getting married to her lover under customary marriage while she was still in a monogamous marriage with her first husband.

Her jail term was however commuted to community service after she was initially sentenced to six months behind bars.

Guvakumwe will perform 105 hours of community service instead of serving the jail term.

Facts are that Guvakumwe left her first husband, whom she was legally married to, under the guise of pursuing further studies.

The matter came to light after her first husband discovered that Guvakumwe was not at school and had gone on to marry her lover with the two being blessed with a child.

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