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Education should be accessible to all: President Mnangagwa

By Josephine Mugiyo, Diplomatic Correspondent

PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa says the Second Republic is committed towards supporting the Zimbabwe Open University, adding that the institution should have infrastructure across the country to ensure education is accessible in all corners.

After presiding over the Zimbabwe Open University’s 20th Graduation Ceremony in Harare this Wednesday, President Emmerson Mnangagwa laid a foundation stone at its campus site to pave way for the construction of the institutions administration, teaching and learning buildings.

In an interview after laying the foundation stone, President Mnangagwa stressed the importance of education despite one’s age.

“As I have said in my statement in the book, education has no age limit. The only person who has authority to end education is Mr Death. Before that, everybody has the right to continue to increase their education. It is critically important to note that not everyone in the country will get what they want through formal education. So ZOU has a mandate,” he said.

Under Second Republic, the university will get full support, said the President, “I have said under my watch ZOU will be supported and should have infrastructure across the country. Because there is not a single part of this country where you will find people who do not want to be educated. In all the districts I’m sure you will find people learning to improve themselves.”

The young generation is critical in economic development and President Mnangagwa reminded them of their role to transform their motherland.

“Unlike in the past, I’m over 80 now, during our time we aspired to be a clerk of an Indian or White owned shop. That to us was the crown of being educated. But the young generation from year to year must see the transformation of their mother land for better to best. I believe that the education 5.0 must produce students who produce good and services that are needed by locals and then when there is a window they can produce for foreign markets,” he added.

The country’s institutions of higher learning are an important component in the attainment of vision 2030 as they are expected to churn out graduates who provide solutions to the country’s industrial needs.

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