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ZANU PF widens gap in rural areas, closes in urban areas

BY Bruce Chahwanda, Political Editor

The ruling ZANU PF’s victory in the council by-elections held at the weekend has been described as a vote of confidence in the Second Republic’s people-centred policies.

ZANU PF won three out of five council by-elections held over the weekend, in what analysts believe is a bold statement that the revolutionary party is at work delivering on what it promised the people.

The ruling party won in Binga Ward 20 polling 945 votes against CCC’s 546 votes and took over control of Gweru Ward 5 which was previously held by the opposition after garnering 556 votes against the opposition’s 472 votes.

Binga and Gweru are well known as opposition strongholds and analysts are convinced that the inroads made by the ruling party confirm ZANU PF’s widespread appeal.

The by-elections show an exciting trend as ZANU PF seems to be getting stronger day by day. The ruling party has managed to narrow the gap in common opposition strongholds while extinguishing opposition in their strongholds that is in rural areas,” said Political Analyst, Mr Takudzwa Gambiza.

The ruling party also proved that rural areas remain a ZANU PF fortress as it thumped the opposition in Mberengwa, with Political Analyst, Mr Gibson Nyikadzino saying the by-elections are a statement of intent.

“2022 has been a year of unprecedented by-elections and from the outcomes seen so far, ZANU PF has been fishing into the opposition’s pond. We had by-elections in March, August by-elections in Kabuyuni, and other by-elections, it shows that in urban areas, ZANU PF’s urban renewal is getting a buy-in,” said Nyikadzino.

ZANU PF has been championing developmental projects across the country and President Mnangagwa has delivered world-class road infrastructure, overseen the construction of dams, and implemented policies meant to ensure food security, and economic stability and promote rural industrialisation.

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