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Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Government to increase power imports

By John Nhandara

ZIMBABWE will be generating 300 megawatts of electricity from its Kariba power station after exhausting its allocation of 22.5 billion cubic litres for 2022.

The government has clarified the issue of power generation at Kariba South hydro power station following reports the power station will be completely shut down.

The reports came after the Zambezi River Authority indicated that the country had exhausted its share from the 45 billion cubic litres allocated to Zimbabwe and Zambia for 2022.

Energy and Power Development Minister, Honourable Zhemu Soda addressed the media on the country’s power situation in Harare this Friday.

“ZPC had indeed exhausted its water allocation for the year 2022. However, Kariba Power Station will not shut down completely, rather it will continue to generate but at a reduced capacity of up to 300 megawatts daily average pending review of the water situation at the dam in January 2023. This means that the power station has the latitude to vary its capacity as long as it maintains the required average capacity,” he said.

Meanwhile, government is instituting measures to augment the power deficit in the country such as negotiations with neighbouring countries.

The expansion of Hwange Unit 7 and 8 is well on course, with unit seven expected to feed an additional 300 megawatts into the national grid this month.

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