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State-of-the-art clinic offers services to children affected by HIV/AIDS

By Jerold Sasa

AS the World AIDS Day commemorations draw closer, the fight against this global pandemic can never be won without the intervention of private voluntary organisations.

Situated 30km West of Murewa centre, at the border between Mashonaland East and Central provinces, Heather Chimoga Orphan Care Centre(HCOCC) is one unique institution which has managed to change the lives of the community through HIV and AIDS intervention programmes.

The institution is offering health care services, payment of fees and provision of food to children infected and affected by HIV/AIDS in a district which has over 1500 HIV-positive children.

As part of its intervention programmes, the centre has also constructed a child-friendly clinic, which is offering health care services to children in the area.

“We have made sure there is privacy for our children as they seek health services. We don’t offer ARVs here but we monitor adherence so that the rate of default is low,” said Alfred Mukondwa HCOCC director.

The centre is currently looking after 673 children who are infected and affected by the pandemic.

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