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Farmers project bumper harvest for summer cropping season

By John Nhandara

GOVERNMENT has been given credit for its sound agricultural policies in the wake of revelations that the country has enough grain reserves for up to a year.  

Agricultural policies such as the Agricultural and Food Systems Transformation Strategy have been credited for the current state of affairs regarding food security in the country.

This follows revelations by Cabinet this Tuesday that the country has enough grain reserves to last 11 months.

Farmers and agronomists feel the government has been spot on in implementing policies aimed at boosting the sector’s productivity.

“The policies that have been put in place are playing a big role because we are maintaining stocks we have which are commensurate with our consumption rate. Going forward, we are even looking at exporting,” said agronomist, Irvine Craig.

ZFU Secretary General, Mr Paul Zachary’s said, “We need to maintain the pace by ensuring that there is timeous distribution of inputs to every farmer who contributes to the national grain basket. We also encourage farmers to embrace good crop management practices to have maximum yields. I see us surpassing any record we have had before.”

The Food Systems and Transformation Strategy, an action plan drawn from the agriculture recovery and livestock recovery growth plans launched in 2020, is meant to achieve a US$8,2 agricultural economy by 2025.

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