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Thursday, February 9, 2023

National Broadcaster on strategic review as it looks forward to 2023

By Memory Chamisa

GOVERNMENT has pledged to continuously support the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) in its quest to deliver on its national mandate.

ZBC’s two day strategic workshop kicked off in the capital Harare this Monday, amid government’s commendation of the national broadcaster.

“Over the past years we have watched ZBC transform itself into the media of choice. Your achievements are our achievements. We appreciate the ZBC employees who are winning awards of excellence to show that ZBC is indeed on a transformational trajectory which is not only exciting, but beneficial to the whole country. We have also lobbied the Ministry of Finance with regards to the 2023 budget, our allocation was the lowest yet we are seized with a daunting task of elections next year also we haven’t even met the requirements for Digitalization which we are 8 years behind,” said the Deputy Minister of Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services, Mr Kindness Paradza.

ZBC Board Chairperson, Dr Josiah Tayi emphasised the need for capacitation of employees to enable them to carry out their mandate effectively

“As a national broadcaster, our mandate is to disseminate information which is accurate, informative and unbiased and this can only be done when employees are capacitated and we have ensured that is done. They were the lowest paid, but now we have managed to ensure that they get above the poverty datum line. We are also working on digitalising all of our studios so that we move with the latest trends. This strategic workshop will also check on the gaps that need to be worked on as we head for the 2023 elections,” he said.

ZBC board members, management and officials from the Ministry of Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services, Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe, and Transmedia are attending the workshop.

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