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Government and youth organisations join hands in fighting drugs

By ZBC Reporter

The battle against drug and substance abuse has intensified with various communities complementing Government efforts in fighting the scourge.

Young Africa Zimbabwe, a vocational training centre that fosters youth empowerment through skills development in Chitungwiza, hosted an arts festival to raise awareness of the dangers of drug and substance abuse.

Susan Mudodo, the country director for Young Africa Zimbabwe said, “We do host these festivals every year, but this year we saw it fit to join the government in its push to fight drug and substance abuse which has ravaged societies and destroying the youths who are the leaders of tomorrow. Here, we have invited youths from Chitungwiza and surrounding Suburbs to showcase their talents through arts, poetry, acting, singing and dancing.”

Arts festivals have become a vital tool in raising awareness of the dangers of drug and substance abuse, noted festival coordinator, Noel Marerwa.

Noel Marerwa

“As an artist, my encouragement to the youth is that the use and abuse of drugs will not take them anywhere in their different career paths, hence by hosting such a festival, we are trying to conscientise the youths on the dangers of taking drugs. At the same time, we are sending a message to the youths especially those with talent in arts that through this sector one can earn a decent living and live longer.”

Harare Metropolitan Province manager for the Zimbabwe Youth Council, Memory Kanyati said, “We are on the drive to make sure that this menace is kicked out of our communities, hence we are engaging every organisation, particularly those which have a direct link with the youths with a sole purpose to vigorously and constantly inform and educate our youths on the dangers of taking drugs. Today, we are here at Young Africa Zimbabwe in Chitungwiza and our message is to say no to drug and substance abuse. The future belongs to the youths.” 

The festival gave the youths an opportunity to showcase their talent through art, drama, poetry, song and dance.

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