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Church stands in solidarity with Palestine

By Memory Chamisa

Zimbabwe and Palestine are cementing relations with the two countries standing in solidarity against adversaries in their quest for economic and political emancipation.

This Sunday, the Covenant Life Ministries held a service to commemorate the International Day of Solidarity with the people of Palestinian in Harare.

The day which is commemorated annually on the 29th of November serves as a reminder to the world that Palestinians are yet to attain their rights.

These include the right to self-determination without external interference, the right to national independence and sovereignty, and the right to return to their homes and property, from which they have been displaced.

Covenant Life Ministries’ Bishop Brian Mgabazi said, “As the church and Christians who believe in our Lord, we have seen it fit that we have a service in prayer for our brothers and sisters in Palestine who continue to face persecution from Israel. The Bible clearly states that we pray for those in anguish, war and facing torment so that their spirits are lifted up. And today, were are standing in solidarity with them in prayer. Together, let us reaffirm our support to the Palestinian people in their quest to achieve their inalienable rights and build a future of peace, justice, security and dignity for all.”

Palestine and Zimbabwe are also facing persecution in various forms and this has strengthened relations between the two countries as alluded to by Palestinian Ambassador to Zimbabwe Mr Tamar Almassri.

“Each and every year, on this International Day, the international community reaffirms its solidarity with the Palestinian people in its hopes for a future imbued with peace and our brothers and sisters in Zimbabwe have continued to stand with us throughout the persecution we have received from Israel and us as Palestine we will continue to stand in solidarity with Zimbabwe in calling for the removal of the illegal sanctions,” he said.

In response to the call by the United Nations to set aside the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian, various activities are held worldwide and these include special messages of solidarity, dissemination of publications and information material as well as screening of films.

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