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Government hands over assistive devices to people living with disabilities

By Providence Maraneli

THE second republic is leaving no stone unturned in its quest for inclusive development after the government handed over more than 100 specific assistive devices to people with disabilities in the Insiza district of Matabeleland South Province.

While many take for granted the gift of life and the ability to move from point A to B, Mlondolozi Bhebhe of Fulunye in Insiza district is just hoping for a better day as he has been suffering from a rare condition known as osteogenesis imperfecta for 16 years.

As many of his age converge for juicy tales of life at secondary school, he buries his head in sorrow as his weak limbs could not take him there.

Like any normal day, he sits under a tree to escape the ravages of high summer temperatures, but today is a different day.

There is a car that approaches the gate carrying devices that may change Mlondolozi’s life for good.

This is the department of disability in the Ministry of Social Welfare and its development partners who have come to fulfil the government’s promise of leaving no one and no place behind after this news crew laid bare a needy situation in April this year.

“I am so delighted, my main worry is to learn how to use this device to walk. I am so thankful,” said Bhebhe.

Across the ward, tears of joy roll over the cheeks of many who have endured a torrid rural life because of disabilities.

Unlike in the past when people would just donate wheelchairs without knowing the needs of those being assisted, the local leadership has commended the government and its development partner Leonard Cheshire disability for bringing specific devices.

“We were so blinded to think that everyone with a disability needs a wheelchair, we did not know that some would worsen the situation,” said Chief Maduna.

The government is also committed to improving the lives of vulnerable groups in society

“Since the President has said no one should be left behind, we are going to cover all the districts in the country to help. This is the second republic’s vision, we are not going to leave anyone behind, rather we are going lobby for an increase in the budget for this cause,” said the Deputy Minister of Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare, Lovemore Matuke.

Over a hundred assistive devices inclusive of wheelchairs, walkers, crutches, mobility aids and orthotic devices, which were locally assembled by Leonard Cheshire Disability were distributed to people with disabilities in the Insiza district.

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