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Korean embassy screens two movies in Zim

By Justin Mahlahla

The Korean Embassy in Zimbabwe has screened two movies, ‘Assassination’ and ‘Nameless Gangster: Rules of the Time’ at the Ster Kinekor cinemas in the capital.

The films were screened with the intention of raising awareness and popularity about Korean films in the country.

In his address during the screening night, Korean Ambassador to Zimbabwe, Mr Bongkae Do said, “We have two films which reached over the 10 million viewers at the Korean box office history in 2012 and 2015.”

“One film is titled “Assassination” which is based on the historical background of the Japanese colonial period in Korea.

“It is a story about the Korean Resistance trying to assassinate
the Japanese governor general, in order to have independence from the Japanese colonial rule,” noted Ambassador Do.

Another film is titled “Nameless Gangster” which is a story
about fighting against crime.

It depicts the lifestyle of gangsters, and how the ordinary person is transformed into a gangster by life’s circumstances.

The film delves into matters of how the police should handle crime with an understanding of the criminal mindset.

It comes as Zimbabwe faces a disturbing rise in armed crimes with robbers targeting households and businesses they suspect to be keeping large sums of money at their premises.

The ambassador said the films provided opportunities especially for the Zimbabwean police force to strengthen the security of the Korean community in Zimbabwe and to promote networking as well as cooperation between the two countries’ police forces.

In the film “Assassination”, the main actor, whose name is Lee Jeongjae, also appeared in the popular TV series, Squid Game and won the EMMY award for best actor for his performance in the series on Netflix.

Officers from the Zimbabwe Republic Police attended the two screenings to appreciate the efforts of the Korean police force in the fight against crime.

Korean movies have always been a hit with Zimbabwean audiences.

The Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation, through a partnership with the Korean Embassy, has in the past aired several Korean productions including The Coffee Prince that replaced the once popular Jewel in the Korean Palace.

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