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Friday, March 31, 2023

Zimbabweans in the diaspora challenged to explore investment opportunities

By Abigail Tembo, Health Editor

VICE President General Retired Dr Constantino Chiwenga has challenged Zimbabweans in the diaspora to explore investment opportunities available in various sectors of the economy.

This Wednesday on the sidelines of the International Conference on Family Planning underway in the City of Pattaya in Thailand, Vice President Dr Chiwenga had an opportunity to interact with Zimbabweans living in Thailand where they discussed several issues ranging from investment opportunities to knowledge transfers
highlighting opportunities available in the country, Vice President Chiwenga said Zimbabwe can be developed by its people regardless of their geographical location.

“The government is open and committed to supporting Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) back home that involve diaspora consortiums. PPPs enhance the capacity to develop the economy by availing an alternative source of revenue for large capital projects. I, therefore urge you to explore the opportunities that are available in agriculture, energy, tourism, manufacturing, Information Communication Technology, housing, and roads, among others, as possible areas of investment.

“The other way through which the Diaspora community can contribute towards trade promotion is by securing markets for specific products for each of the country’s ten provinces, thereby establishing niche markets. For example, through Hometown Associations, members of Diaspora communities that originate from Matabeleland can develop export markets for leather and leather products or the very protein-rich amacimbi. Similarly, those that come from Manicaland can focus on developing markets for fruits and other horticultural products, as well as honey. This is in line with devolution and decentralisation,” he said.

Drawn from various professions, the Zimbabwean community living in Thailand was allowed to speak freely.

“I trained as a nurse here in Thailand, but I can’t practice. Is there anything that I can do to serve my country or to have my qualification recognised?,” asked Elector Chikoro.

“The nursing licenses and the registration of doctors sshouldn’t be a case. The registration must be done and when we go back the issue will be addressed,” answered Dr Chiwenga.

The Second Republic has been engaging Zimbabweans living in the diaspora in pursuit of enhancing their participation in the mainstream economy. The community in Thailand is thus looking forward to exploring the opportunities availed to them.

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