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Government increases support towards the devolution programmes

By Kenias Chivuzhe

PROVINCES have been challenged to identify opportunities for economic growth to successfully implement the devolution agenda and improve people’s livelihoods.

An engagement with senior government officials in Manicaland this Wednesday saw the Chairman of the Public Service Commissions, Dr Vincent Hungwe disclosing that government will double funding for the devolution programme to upscale the improvement of livelihoods.

“We must identify opportunities in the province led by the Minister of State. This is aimed at increasing the standard of living and GDP growth. The establishment of a provincial council is underway with the act being amended.

“We expect that you also identify a wide range of flagship projects such as the utilisation of vast potential at Osborne dam. This is to promote sustainability and inclusive development. The Devolution budget has been doubling since it was introduced, we expect it to further double to about ZWL$90 billion from the current ZWL$43 billion,” he said.

Secretary for Public Service Commissions, Dr Tsitsi Rosemary Choruma noted that growth in the economy is translating into improvements in the welfare of civil servants.

“The provision of infrastructures such as roads, dams, and rail build the base for economic development. When we look at the welfare of workers, it is directly linked to the economic performance of the country. A productive nation ensures the availability of resources. We also need to work hard to improve the conditions of service. The performance contracts are being effected to ensure increased productivity,” she said.

Manicaland Minister of State for Provincial Affairs and Devolution, Honourable Nokuthula Matsikenyere commended the government for supporting provincial economies and improving the welfare of civil servants.

“We want to express sincere gratitude for the support motivating our civil servants. The introduction of performance-based contracts to the system has been worthwhile. The support that we have so far received under the devolution agenda is quite applaudable. The introduction of monetary and non-monetary incentives is of paramount importance as it motivates our civil servants,” she said.

Meanwhile, the government is set to extend performance contracts to the rest of the civil service next year as it tightens performance evaluation.

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