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More than 100 human trafficking victims rescued from Oman

By Theophilus Chuma

MORE than 100 victims of human trafficking have been rescued from Oman after enduring months of inhumane treatment at the hands of their employers in the Gulf State.

ZBC’s Investigative Editor Theophilus Chuma tracked down one of the rescued victims who opened up on what is now a dark chapter in her life.

Five months ago, Fungai Manyara cried out for help through a video, desperately seeking to be saved from her abusive employer in Oman who had starved her for almost four days.

The exclusive video revealed the inhumane treatment domestic helpers go through in Oman as they are tied to their employers under what many have described as modern-day slavery.

The ZBC News investigative team reached out to Zimbabwean officials in Oman with the location of Fungai Manyara.

Her escape was not easy as the employers maintained a stranglehold on her, demanding a refund of US$4 000 claiming that they used the money to buy her from Zimbabwe.

With a stroke of luck and working with officials from Zimbabwe, Fungai eventually managed to escape along with the other 104 women rescued by the government from Oman.

Now back home, Fungai relives her pathetic life in Oman and how she managed to escape.

It’s an escape from a dungeon of evil, one that has become synonymous with the working conditions in Oman.

Fungai reveals that African domestic helpers are treated worse than animals.

These are the dark stories never told by the agents who lure women to Oman.

ZBC News is reliably informed that the 105 victims rescued by the Zimbabwean Government from Oman arrived in the country recently.

Fungai can only count herself lucky to survive this ordeal where some have barely made it alive.

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