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Zimbabwe to attend US-Africa summit

By Josephine Mugiyo

AS Zimbabwe continues on the engagement and re-engagement path, the country is set to attend the US – Africa summit in December after an invitation by the United States of America.

One of the key tenets of the second republic is the drive to engage and re-engage with other countries, guided by the mantra a friend to all and enemy to none.

This has seen the country engaging in high-level engagements with different nations as the country seeks to build relations and increase economic cooperation.

From December 13 to December 15, the United States of America will host African leaders for the US – Africa summit and Zimbabwe has been invited to attend.

The county’s top envoy to the United States, Ambassador Tadeous Chifamba said this is an opportunity for the country to re-engage, adding that the invitation shows positive strides in the country’s re-engagement efforts.

“This is another opportunity for us to meet at senior levels, you know our delegation will be led by Minister Shava and we believe this is a good opportunity. The first summit was held in 2014 and Zimbabwe was not invited and for this year we have been invited which shows there is some movement. Of course, sanctions remain a sore thumb and we will continue to call for their unconditional removal,” said Ambassador Chifamba.

Focusing on the trade relations between the United States and Zimbabwe, Ambassador Chifamba said it is encouraging to note that the American Department of Commerce is now telling its business people that they can do business with some Zimbabwean companies, which are not under sanctions.

“One important thing I want to highlight is that the Americans especially the department of commerce and state are now beginning to tell their people, especially the business community that they are free to do business with Zimbabwean entities that are not under sanctions and this is a small gesture, I think it’s a positive development which will allow more American companies to come and invest here.”

At least 50 leaders from the continent are expected to attend the summit to be held in Washington.

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