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Zimbabwe forges ahead with food security projects

By Stanley James, Business Editor

PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa says Zimbabwe is open to working closely with China and other global partners to consolidate food security in the country and on the African continent.

Adoption of food security policies on a global scale is considered an important element in easing poverty, creating jobs and facilitating economic development.

It is within this perspective that an International Forum on Hybrid Rice Assistance and Global Food Security is being held in China with a view to share notes among government officials, development partners and agriculture experts on workable policies to stimulate agricultural production.

In a speech delivered virtually at the forum this Saturday, President Mnangagwa says Zimbabwe is forging ahead with policies to increase agricultural productivity and ensure food security.

“The Government of Zimbabwe has instituted several measures to stimulate agricultural production setting the country on a development trajectory to achieve an upper middle-income social status by the year 2030. My administration has various programmes which relate to climate-proofed input support, as well as enhanced production and productivity in corn, wheat, cotton, fisheries, poultry and livestock sub-sectors,” he said.

Irrigation facilities have therefore been cited by the government as a key element towards mitigating the effects of climate change while ensuring increased yields.

“My Government is increasing land under irrigation through the Accelerated Irrigation Rehabilitation and Development programme. The Government of Zimbabwe recognises that food and nutrition security is not only a national but global issue that requires international cooperation and multi-sectoral interventions and coordination at the highest level,” said the President.

The global forum is also discussing initiatives to facilitate increased land usage, climate change adaptation and mitigation measures, latest technological systems on farming and livestock production, among others.

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