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Unpacking the vision of PAP

By Oleen Ndori, Foreign Desk Editor

THE Pan African Parliament is placing the African socio-political and economic drive at the centre of its operations in the spirit of coming up with homegrown solutions to African problems in line with the objectives of Agenda 2063.

With 275 legislators, the Pan African Parliament strives to bring together representatives of national assemblies into one continental body pushing forward the legislative agenda of the African Union by promoting the coordination and harmonisation of policies, measures and programmes of the Regional Economic Communities and the parliamentary fora of Africa.

Addressing legislators during the strategic meeting of the Pan African Parliament in Sandton, South Africa this Friday, PAP President Chief Fortune Charumbira said the strategic thrust of the 6th Parliament is to revive, renew and reposition the institution from focusing on activities to results-based performance.

“The Joint Planning Meeting provides an opportunity for the PAP not just to review the performance of the past year, but also to plan for the forthcoming year. The future plans thereof must be based on lessons learnt from the current year as well as the strategic thrust of the institution and this should be evident in the work plans to be presented by the various organs of the PAP,” he said.

Director of the Bureau, Mr Ndamuka Marimo believes the new strategy will allow PAP to streamline its operations in ways that spur development in pursuant of Agenda 2063’s objectives of, ‘The Africa We Want.’

“The PAP has experienced negative publicity in the recent past and the direction led by the new bureau will allow us to push more targets and achieve more for our continent as pointed out in Agenda 2063 adopted in 2013,” said Mr Marimo.

As the Pan African Parliament head of communication, Mr Jeffery Onganga Sende confirmed that PAP has made tremendous strides in pushing intra-continental engagement.

“We have already begun to see tremendous progress being made by the PAP and under the leadership of President Charumbira, we can do more as we re- strategies our operations,” he noted.

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