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New dispensation satisfied with development strides

By Abigirl Tembo, Health Editor

PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa says he is happy with what his government has achieved so far, adding that the New Dispensation’s aim is to ensure that every Zimbabwean is empowered in every aspect.

From ensuring the availability of food to fuel and other basics in the country, President Mnangagwa says his administration will not rest until the country achieves its vision of economic stability by 2030.

He was speaking during a recent interview on pan Africanism and finding local solutions to local problems.

“I wish we had done even better than we have done so far. My ambition or the ambition of the Second Republic is to make sure we address basic issues which affect our people, food security included. In that regard, we are promoting irrigation countrywide to make sure we have food security in the country. We also want to makesure that no child is denied access to education,” he noted.

“The third thing is that we must change the model of training our children so that they are builders of their nation not admirers of foreign builders who build other people’s nations because those would have built their nations and they come on the pretext that they want to build your family, when in fact they actually come to exploit your economy for themselves.

“It is not true that any former colonial power has interest or has any commitment to develop a former colony, no, but they have interest to continue to link themselves with the former colony in order to find more ways of stealing the wealth of the former colony in a more subtle manner. We must therefore educate our people our young people,” he said.

Driven by a heritage-based education philosophy, President Mnangagwa said government’s Education 5.0 model will ensure the country’s attainment of Vision 2030.

“Under the Second Republic, we have now introduced innovation hubs at every state university. This is why we have introduced Education 5.0, which produces goods and services,” he added.

The interview touched on a number of issues ranging from pan Africanism, migration as well as the country’s view on the Russia’s special military operation in Ukraine.

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