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Sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe remain topical in Africa

By Ian Zvoma

The issue of economic sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe remains topical in Africa, with a motion to lift the illegal embargo being moved and adopted by the Pan-African Parliament (PAP).

The motion, moved by Honourable Alhadji Mbow of Gambia, ignited robust debate during the fifth sitting of the first Ordinary session of the sixth Pan African Parliament in Midrand, South Africa this Tuesday.

Members of the PAP representing various African countries like Morocco, DRC, Ghana, Uganda and Namibia called out the United States and its Western allies saying the unilateral sanctions have a grave and untenable impact on ordinary citizens, Zimbabwe’s contribution towards Africa’s Agenda 2063 goals as well as key priority areas such as health, finance and infrastructure development.

The motion was adopted with an agreement for PAP to send a delegation to the European Union and the United States to lobby for the lifting of the illegal embargo which has cost the country over US$40 billion over two decades.

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