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Tuesday, June 6, 2023

MPs deplore Britain’s obsession with Zimbabwe

By Fungai Jachi
ZANU PF legislators have added their voice on the continued interference by Britain in Zimbabwe’s internal affairs, calling on the country’s former coloniser to respect international law and Zimbabwe’s sovereignty.

Responding to recent revelations by some of the House of Lords members of parliament that the arrest of CCC legislator Job Sikhala and other activists is a violation of human rights, ZANU PF Chief Whip, Cde Pupurai Togarepi said Britain should stop interfering in Zimbabwe’s judiciary.

“We are gravely concerned with statements emanating from our erstwhile colonisers who have now made it a habit to debate issues concerning Zimbabwe, bellying their nauseating colonial hangover tinged by false pretentions of democracy and human rights. Sikhala and company violated their bail conditions, even a layman will be aware of the consequences,” he said.

ZANU PF legislator for Gokwe Chireya, Cde Torerayi Moyo concurred that external forces should not interfere in Zimbabwe’s affairs.

“The British are fretful of an election that is yet to be held, exposing their ugly hand in the internal politics where their appendages in the form of sponsored opposition parties are facing inevitable defeat,” noted Hon Moyo.

As Zimbabwe gears for harmonised elections next year, government is on alert of external forces working with opposition activists to destabilise the smooth holding of the polls.

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