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Friday, March 31, 2023

Namibia hails Zimbabwean teachers

By Regis Mhako

Namibia has hailed Zimbabwean teachers working in the neighbouring country for producing the best results underpinned by a dedication to duty and professionalism.

The teachers have been praised for making an impact in the education sector of the Southern African country, where examination results and performance among learners taught by Zimbabweans are said to be impressive.

Inspector of Education for Namibia’s Mukwe Circuit in Divundu District, Mr Theofillus Kadhimo spoke glowingly about teachers from Zimbabwe during a visit to the district by a Mashonaland West delegation led by the Minister of State for Provincial Affairs and Devolution, Honourable Mary Mliswa, which is on an official visit to Namibia.

“I have 29 schools in my circuit, but what has been noticeable is that learners being taught by Zimbabwean teachers have been doing well. The teachers display professionalism and ethics. They have left a mark at a school for children with special needs which accommodates learners with special needs from across the country,” said Mr Kadhimo.

Mashonaland West Deputy Provincial Education Director, Mr Jason Dzveta noted the need to intensify exchange training programmes to capacitate teachers from the two countries.

He said, “I spoke to the inspector of education here and he was full of praise for teachers from our country. We have taken note of their request for some of their teachers to get some further training in Zimbabwe.”

Meanwhile, the need to collaborate in the design of housing settlements also took centre stage, with the Minister Mliswa pledging to provide experts in physical planning from Mashonaland West to assist Namibia’s Divundu district.

Divundu Village Council chairman, Honourable Katoyima Kupembona noted, “We are not yet fully developed and are in the planning stages of establishing some more suburbs. However, we need assistance in designing the settlements. We are also faced with a situation where people who settled themselves in areas where we need to establish new suburbs are resisting to vacate until they are compensated.”

“In terms of physical planning needs, we are ready to assist you through our physical planning department. As for the people who are resisting moving away from areas planned for residential areas, I think you need to talk to them and ensure they understand the benefits of what you intend to do. Get to know what it is exactly that they require,” Minister Mliswa said.

Earlier on, the delegation had visited a chief at his palace as part of the tradition before proceeding to Frans Dimbare Training Centre which offers skills training to students from as young as 14 years.

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