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Local social media influencer chosen for London content creators conference

By Colette Musanyera

LOCAL social media influencer, Ruva Hapaguti is set to represent the country at a Meta Facebook event dubbed Creators of Tomorrow Conference, which will be held in London this weekend.

Known as Mamii on various social media platforms, Hapaguti, whose journey as an online content creator started in 2018, is among 150 content creators chosen from different countries worldwide, to be ambassadors of their respective countries at the Creators for Tomorrow Conference.

Ruva is into Facebook and Tiktok skits and is elated about the development.

“My journey as an influencer started in 2018 after I finished my A-level studies. It started as a hobby, but now it has taken me places. I’m so excited for being chosen by Facebook itself to be one of the 10 African influencers who are part of the conference.

“I was selected in September by Facebook itself to represent. I’m part of the 150 representatives from different countries around the world and it is a platform for us to be trained on the advancement of technology, how to turn passion into a profession and how to deal with cyberbullying,” she said.

Ruva, who is ecstatic about the prospect of meeting Facebook chief executive officer Mark Zuckerberg, will interface with other influencers from around the world including African countries like Zambia, South Africa and Kenya.

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