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Britain’s obsession with Zimbabwe under spotlight

By Bruce Chahwanda, Political Editor

BRITISH legislators’ obsession with Zimbabwe has once again come under the spotlight, with political analysts describing it as unwarranted as the Southern African nation is a sovereign state.

It is the eve of the election season in Zimbabwe but across oceans, the former colonial master, Britain has already started interfering in the internal affairs of a small landlocked country in the heart of Southern Africa.

At a time the Second Republic continues to endear itself to Zimbabweans because of life-changing developmental projects across the country, regime change masters are wasting no time putting Zimbabwe on their agenda at every opportunity in a negative light.

However, for local political analyst, Dr Tawanda Zinyama no foreigner has jurisdiction over Zimbabwe.

“The British system has a pre-determined position about developments taking place in Zimbabwe. In the elections next year of which their interest is in the Number 1 office.

“As Zimbabweans, we must be mindful of this issue. The authority to govern Zimbabwe is provided for in the constitution, and we are a sovereign state. Zimbabwe is a democratic and sovereign state, so if we are a sovereign state, it means we are not subjected to any jurisdiction from anywhere else,’ he said.

Other political analysts, Mr Clayton Mambizvo and Mr Gibson Nyikadzino said Britain’s obsession with Zimbabwe must be dismissed with the contempt it deserves.

“Zimbabwe is not a colony of Britain. That alone must sink, and they must not meddle in our politics,” said Mambizvo.

“For the past three weeks, they have been with Zimbabwe and last year they confirmed that they are working with other unions locally. Primarily, the agenda confirms what has been said by the government that the British are obsessed with Zimbabwe, it is a build-up towards 2023 general elections to discredit the country’s democratic processes,” Nyikadzino.

Zimbabwe Anti-Sanctions Movement founder, Mr Rutendo Matinyarare weighed in saying the UK government must not fool the world over the interests in Zimbabwe as it has failed to prop up opposition political parties ahead of the 2023 general elections.

“Zimbabwean issues have dominated discussions in the British House of Commons over the last few weeks, with analysts convinced that the aim is to project a tainted image of the country at a time some western nations have commended progress by the Second Republic in steering the country towards an upper middle-income society vision by 2030,” said Rutendo Matinyarare.

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