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Intimate partner abuse a major source of worry

By Fungai Jachi

CASES of domestic violence that end fatally are on the increase with infidelity and lack of financial support between partners identified as the major push factors contributing towards crimes of passion.

In recent times, most marriages have become war zones with spouses no longer hesitant to engage in physical fights that usually end fatally.The case of a 27-year-old Harare woman who allegedly stabbed her husband to death after he failed to give her a satisfactory explanation of why he was absent from home for three days and the case of a man who poured acid on his wife’s face after she reported him for abuse are just a tip of the iceberg as more crimes of passion are being recorded.

Several people interviewed by ZBC News said, “These days the levels of cheating are high so because of the pain, people end up engaging in physical fights.”

“Domestic violence is being caused by men who do not want to take up their financial responsibility. Mobile phones and social media have also rocked many marriages and so when your partner sees your chats you will end up fighting.”

“Many are getting married too young so they wouldn’t know how to handle each other when they disagree.”

Musasa Project Advocacy and Communication Manager Mrs Rotina Mafume-Musara said since the beginning of the year they have dealt with more than 5 000 cases of domestic violence.

“At least 10 percent of the cases that we have dealt with since the beginning of the year ended fatally and we continue to emphasise the need for good conflict resolution skills because some of the things that people fight over are petty. Good communication skills are important in that you have time to understand each other. Third parties are also important to help in resolving conflict. Finances in the home should also be discussed so that there is transparency because if there is poverty in the home couples tend to quarrel more. We will never get tired of encouraging couples to talk things through and to desist from physical fights as some end fatally or result in permanent injuries,” she said.

Conflict resolution skills remain key to ending crimes of passion.

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